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    When you click the link above 
    choose "Effingham County Middle School"
    Login in at top right corner with your lunch code as your
    username and password
    Use the search box to search the following:
    For EBOOK Titles
    Search "Ebooks" 
    Double Click any of the choices (even the ones that don't say "in" 
    or "out" are available-those have unlimited checkouts).  
    ** Ignore the books that have "EBOOK" in title--those are not 
    really ebooks.
    Use the image below to locate the link to access the ebook.
    For Lightbox Titles
    In the search menu, type in "lightbox".  You will notice double 
    titles.  One of the titles is the "hardcopy" and one is the 
    "electronic" copy. 
    Please double click and find the copy that has
    "open" in the top corner as seen in the image below.
    **Note the first page of books shows "in". These are not 
    accessible for some reason, please click the "next" arrow to 
    scroll to the next ten books--this is where the lightbox 
    titles will begin.
    Double Click on the title you want, and see image 
    below to see where you can go to open the book.
    **Some Lightbox titles also have a link at the bottom of the folder
    (like the ebooks) that allow you to open it there as well
    (if "Open" isn't available).  You can see the 
    link at the bottom of this picture as well) 
    For other research resources,
    please click any of the boxes 
    below in the large Symbaloo box.
Last Modified on October 15, 2020