All students are expected to complete homework as review and additional practice. 
    Homework may include: 

    Word Study  

    Your child will be given word study patterns to study as needed. Please check their newletter weekly for information. 

    Reading Homework 

    Students will be given a weekly fluency passage to read nightly. Students are to read the passage for one minute and record the number of words read correctly. Alternatively, a reading comprehension page may be given. Reading Homework is turned in on Friday. Students should also read independently or to an adult for 15 minutes on a regular basis. 

     Math Homework 

    Math Homework will vary and is to be completed nightly. Students will be asked to complete a series of math review problems or a math fluency exercise. All math homework is for review and should not be time consuming. 

    Grammar and Unit Homework 
    Grammar and Unit (Science and Social Studies) homework is given in conjuction with upcoming assessments; not daily or weekly.