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    08/07 Crossword Puzzle

    08/08 Graphing Practice Worksheet

    08/09 Finish translations worksheet. Quiz Wednesday

    08/12 Finish Rotations Worksheet. Quiz Wednesday 

    08/13 Finish Dilations Worksheet. Quiz Wednesday

    08/14 Finish transformations review packet; Transformation Quiz Wed; Voc Quiz Frid; Test wed 08/21

    08/15 Mixed Transformation Worksheet; Voc Quiz Frid 08/15; Unit 1 Test Wed 08/21

    08/16 Finish Composition of Transformations Worksheet; Unit 1 Test Wed 08/21

    08/ 19 Finish Unit 1 Review Sheet; Study for Unit 1 Test 

    08/20 Finish/correct all unit 1 worksheets; Study for Unit 1 Test tomorrow. 

    08/21 Complete any missing work or corrections - all due by tomorrow

    08/22 Finish Segment Addition Postulate Worksheet (U2D1)

    08/23 Finish Segment Addition Postulate Worksheet #2

    08/26 Finish Classifying Angles Worksheet; Complete all missing work/do corrections

    08/27 Finish Angle Addition Postulate Worksheet

    08/28 Finish problems in "Comp Book", Complete missing work/do corrections

    08/29 Finish Algebraic Proofs Worksheet

    08/30 Finish 10 question Algebraic Proofs Worksheet (today's)

    09/03 Unit 2A (Proofs) Review Sheet; Make sure comp book is complete due Friday 09/13

    09/06 Finish Unit 2A (Proofs) Review Sheet; GET PROGRESS REPORT SIGNED; Complete missing work/do corrections 

    09/09 Finish Segment/Angle Addition Proof Assignment Worksheet; Make sure Comp Book (INB) is completed due Friday; Study for Wednesday's test; GET PROGRESS REPORT SIGNED

    09/10 Finish Parallel lines worksheet (U2BD1); Comp books due Frid, Study for test tomorrow

    09/11 Parallel lines worksheet; Comp books due Frid; Complete missing work/do corrections

    09/12 Finish Parallel Lines Worksheet (U2BD2); Comp books due Frid; Complete missing work/do corrections

    09/13 Finish Parallel Lines Worksheet; Comp Book due today - if not turned in complete and turn in Monday

    09/16 Finish Proving Parallel Lines Worksheet (U2BD5)

    09/17 Finish Perpendicular Lines (U2BD6) Worksheet; Study for Friday's test on Parallel Lines