• 2020-2021 ECMS Boys Basketball Team

    I would like to congratulate the following players for making the 2020-2021 Boys Basketball Team. It was a tough decision. I would like to thank all of those players who tried out for the team. Keep working hard on your game.

    1. Lamar Roberts-8th grade
    2. Joseph Polite-8th grade
    3. Tyler Proctor-8th grade
    4. TeAndre’ Watkins-8th grade
    5. Josh Ford-8th grade
    6. Timar Griffin-8th grade
    7. Da’Marion Shankle-8th grade
    8. Zachary McCarr-8th grade
    9. Cory Dekle-8th grade
    10. Tucker Perkins-7th grade
    11. Andre’ Michaud-7th grade
    12. Jacob Garvin-7th grade
    13. Elijah Doty-7th grade
    14. Isaiah Scruggs-7th grade
    15. Michael Hall-6th grade


Last Modified on November 18, 2020