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    I am so excited to be working with your child in 3rd grade this year!  Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.  Remember, we are a team!  


    Some commonly asked questions:

    May I send in birthday invitations?

    You may send in birthday invitations as long as you send one for every child in the classroom. There are currently 24 students in our classroom this year.
    May I send in cupcakes/cookies for my child's birthday? 
    Yes, you may send in individually wrapped treats with your child, but the treats must also be sent in their original packaging/box.   I respectfully request that you contact me at least 2 days prior to the day you'd like to send in birthday treats, in order to avoid multiple treats in one day.  Thank you! 
    When is Ice Cream Day and how much is it?
    Ice Cream Day is on Wednesdays and costs $1. I do not keep money in advance for ice cream. Your child will need to bring in their $1 the day of.
    What are SOAR acknowledgments?
    SOAR acknowledgments occur monthly and are used to reward students who have displayed positive behavior. Each month there is a different acknowledgment. Students are allowed to participate if they have not had an office or bus referral or no more than three Think Sheets.  Every month is a new opportunity for children to earn participation in the SOAR acknowledgment! I will announce on my newsletter what they are and when they occur. 
    What happens if my child forgets their homework or doesn't do it?
    It is very important that your child take responsibility for their homework being put back in their white binder at night and ready to come to school the next day. If this becomes problematic, students will fill out a "Think Sheet". 
    May I bring my other children to parties and field trips?
    Since the focus of the parties and field trips is for the students to enjoy their time at school with their classmates and teacher, it is best that siblings do not attend these activities. Field Trips are currently canceled for the year. 
    When do we have class parties?  ***This may be updated for the 2020-2021 school year.***
    We have two parties for the year: Christmas and Easter. Though we do not have a Halloween or Valentine's Day party, a treat bag will be sent home for these occasions. 
    May I come to the parties?  ***This may be updated for the 2020-2021 school year.***
    Yes, you may come to the parties. However, all parents attending parties must complete the online Mandated Reporter Module, and turn in confirmation of completion to our front office. Please visit the EES website for more information.  


     Uniform Quick Reference Guide


    **If your student comes to school and tells me that they've viewed a video or checked out one or more of the links on my website, they will earn a free trip to the Treasure Box!**




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