• One of the main goals of Biology is to help students develop a conceptual framework for modern biology and to help students gain an appreciation of science as a process. The ongoing information explosion in biology makes these goals even more challenging.  Primary emphasis will be on developing an understanding of concepts rather than on memorizing terms and technical details. Therefore, a grasp of science as a process; personal experience in scientific inquiry; recognition of unifying themes that integrate the major topics of biology; an application of biological knowledge, analytical skills, and critical thinking to environmental and social concerns will be stressed.

     Additionally, Honors Biology will be taught using a “Flipped” Instructional model. This means that the instruction phase will take place at home via internet videos and/or exploratory reading and that guided reinforcement and practice will occur in the class room. This model will allow for extended laboratory activities, concept modeling, and direct application.

    Please see http://www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/ for more information on how classrooms are flipped and the benefits for flipping a class. 


    Grade Determination:  80% of your total grade is determined by your class work, tests, quizzes, labs, and homework.  The remaining 20% is determined by your score on the State End of Course Test.

    The 80% portion of your grade will be divided as follows:  



    Scientific Analysis/Labs






Last Modified on May 24, 2017