PBIS at Ebenezer Elementary

    At Ebenezer Elementary, we SOAR like Eagles by being respectful, responsible, and safe.  Our students earn Eagle Cash as a way to recognize their behavior in transition areas like the bathroom, hallways, cafeteria, and playground.  The students can use their Eagle Cash at the Eagle Store to buy prizes, candy, school supplies, Sonic drinks, Dairy Queen Blizzards, or Happy meals from McDonalds.  Many students are learning the value of saving their Eagle cash.  They are working hard to get the ultimate prize of eating McDonalds Happy Meals with 2 of their friends at the special black table in our cafeteria.  This prize is worth 100 Eagle Cash Tickets!  Drawings are also held monthly to recognize teachers who are being PBIS examples.  Our teachers enjoy chocolate, Sonic drinks, and gift cards.

Last Modified on May 20, 2020