The Georgia Student Finance Commission determines a student's HOPE eligibility---not ECHS.  Seniors are required to have credit for 4 rigor courses in addition to a 3.0 G.P.A. (academic classes only) to be eligible for the HOPE scholarship.  (The G.P.A. displayed on the student's transcript is not the same as the student's HOPE G.P.A.)  The following courses are possible options for rigor courses within the ECHS curriculum:
    AP Language
    AP Literature
    Chemistry 1
    Forensic Science
    Human Anatomy
    AP Chemistry
    AP Biology
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Human Geography
    AP Government
    AP US History
    AP Microeconomics
    AP Psychology
    AP European History
    Algebra 2
    Advanced Algebra
    College Readiness
    AP Calculus
    AP Statistics
    French 2
    French 3
    AP French
    Spanish 2
    Spanish 3
    AP Spanish 
    Click Here for the Full List of Approved Rigor Courses:  http://www.gafutures.org/media/113414/rigor-course-list-july-2016.pdf

    The Georgia Student Finance Commission is charged with calculating your HOPE GPA through www.GAfutures.org .  You can check your HOPE GPA by logging in to your account on www.GAfutures.org, Click on the Home tab (looks like a house), scroll down to "News You Can Use" and click on the "Shortcuts" tab.  Then, click on "Your HOPE GPA."  We upload student transcripts to GAfutures at the close of each semester.

Last Modified on February 6, 2019