• Mr. Peny's 2020-21 Schedule

    1st Period - Forensic Science

    2nd Period - Planning

    3rd Period - Forensic Science

    4th Period - Forensic Science

    5th Period - Forensic Science (3rd lunch)

    6th Period - Forensic Science

    7th Period - Environmental Science

    *Tutoring is offered after school by appointment.  


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    1st Period - Forensic Science

    3rd Period - Forensic Science

    4th Period - Forensic Science

    5th Period - Forensic Science

    6th Period - Forensic Science

    7th Period - Environmental Science


    Syllabus 2019-2020 


    Forensic Science - Vocabulary  


    Forensic Science - Presentations     


    Forensic Science Labs -

    Students who are absent on lab days may have an alternate assignment as determined by the instructor


    Upcoming Exams and Important Dates

     August 5 2020 - First Day of Class



    Forensic Science - Articles (In the news)


    Forensic Science - Topics to be covered

    Lab Safety and Equipment 
    Scientific Method
    Qualitative and quantitative analysis
    Analytical skills
    Deductive reasoning
    Forensics and the Law
    History of Forensics 
    Suspect and Victim Profiling
    Crime Scenes
    Crime Scene Photography
    Crime Scene Reconstruction
    Hair Analysis
    Fiber Analysis
    Blood and Blood Spatter
    Toxins and Alcohol
    Firearms and Trajectory (ballistics)
    Arson Investigations / Criminal Bombings
    Tool marks
    Forensic Entomology
    Introduction to Digital Forensics