• Homework  

    The standing homework for AP Government students is to read each chapter of the textbook.  Students should stay several days ahead with their reading.  If a student reads two to three pages each weeknight of the school year, then they can easily read the entire book.  Please be aware that it is easy to get behind on reading.  Your grade will suffer if you allow this to occur.  Also, please review your notes daily.  Please stay abreast of government related current issues as we will discuss these daily, and current issues homework will be assigned as well.  All other homework assignments will be assigned with adequate advance notice for the assignment to be completed.  Remember, if you ever have questions about anything, please ask.  I am here for you. 
    Homework for Government/Civics (the semester class) will be assigned throughout the term.  
    Your standing homework is to review your class notes daily.  You also need to stay informed of government related current issues that are affecting our local, state, and federal governments.  Please ask if you have any questions.