• Classroom Rules

    Three main principles will guide our behavior management throughout all areas of the school.

    Be Safe


    Be Respectful


    Be Responsible


     Rewards:  If your child is Mustang Strong and follows the rules, he/she will be rewarded with Stang Stars, stickers, prizes, good notes and special treats.

    Consequences: If your child decides not to follow the rules, they will will recieve a behavioral mark on our classroom behavior clipboard. Students who recieve a behavioral mark will loose recess time or other privilages.  

    Severe Clause: Go to principal’s office and call parents.  This will be used for biting, hitting, inappropriate language, stopping the class from functioning, and defying the teacher.

    We will explain this behavior plan in detail to all students.  To help them make the connection between home and school, please go over this behavior plan at home with your child as well.



Last Modified on July 30, 2021