•      Below are some website that I have used over my years in education. I have also included some of my favorite websites for a little fun exploration. The sites are have a brief description to help you get a small idea of what you can find. Hope you enjoy these sites and find them useful.
    Students have a log in for this site. It is helps the students with skills they are missing or need more work with. For students who master skills a little faster, it offers the opportunity to learn new skills as well.
    This is a great resource tool for learning about many different topics in science and social studies.

    Time for Kids
    This is a current events site for kids. It is sponsored by the Time Magazine, but helps kids learn about the events around the world with kid friendly text and descriptions.

    Students have a long in for this website. It works on increasing speed and accuracy of multiplication facts.

     Discovery Kids
    This is a science based website teaching kids about a number of topics through videos. It also has games for the kids too.

    Brain Pop 

    This is a has video from every subject area to teach kids about a variety of topics. It is a paid subscription site by our school. However there are always featured videos that are free.

    This is a timed practice of multiliplication facts. It works on one fact family at a time.

     Mr. Nussbaum
    This is a science based website created by a teacher with many useful tools for discovery and learning.

     Brain Pop Jr
    This is a sister site to Brain Pop but most of it's content is geared to K-2 students. However it does have some useful explanations of topics learned in later grades.

    Fun Website of games that can still work on math skills.

    NASA for Kids
    This is the kids site from NASA. It has a wealth of information written in a format for kids to explore and learn.

     Fact Monster
    This is a search engine and encyclopedia for kids to use. It has many helpful tools to assist in all subject areas.

    This a math website that the students have a log in account. It is set up to practice the current topic we are covering in class.

     Turtle Diary
    This is a site that offers games to practice math, science, ELA, and typing skills. It is divided by grade levels and offers many other features too.


    This is a site that is created by the Scholastic book company. It features many tools to help students learn about books, authors, illustrators and the enjoyment that can be found in books.

    Hooda Math
    One of my favorite game site. It has a lot of logic and puzzle games that require strategy and THINKING!!! Some of my favorite styles of games are the escape games. The player has to locate a solve a variety of puzzles to win.

    This is my other favorite game site for my kids. It offers many games centered around math, science, ELA and typing skills. Students practice their skills in a fun way.

    This website is an online newspaper for kids. The articles Lexile can be adjusted so students can read current events at a level they can comprehend.