As established by Georgia law, any parent, guardian, or caregiver who volunteers in any capacity within the school system must participate in a training session for mandatory reporting prior to working with students. As mandated reporters, any adults who work with children on a regular basis are legally required to report observed or suspected child abuse and/or neglect.  This training is accessible online and may be viewed at home or at school for your convenience.  Please follow these directions to access and complete the training module:


    -      Parents will access and complete the Mandatory Reporting training module by logging onto https://effinghamcounty.compliancedirector.org

     On the right-hand side of the Compliance Director homepage you will see Login or Register. If you have completed compliance director in the past, use your login   information. If you do not have a login, click register.

    "Once parents click to register, they will be prompted to enter a username, password and key word."

     Please use the following access information:

    • Username- Effingham County

    • Password- Football

    • Keyword- Assessment

    Once parents have completed the module, they will be required to enter information so that they can be identified as having completed the online training.  When asked to enter one’s name “as it appears on your paycheck”, parents should simply enter their legal name...how will they be addressed as they come to the school to volunteer. 

Last Modified on August 18, 2022