• As per Effingham BOE grading policies, the breakdown of grades is as follows:
    50% Tests / Projects
    40% Class work
    10% Homework 
    ALL grades will be based upon the standards.  There are things that I will expect students to do, but will not grade.  For example, their notebooks are expected to be up-to-date and complete, but will not be graded.  A complete notebook does not reflect personal understanding of material - ultimately what your student's grade should reflect.  That stated, sometimes students will be allowed to use their notebooks for classwork and quizzes so the completed notes are beneficial.  20% Time will not be graded.  I feel strongly that every person has an intrinsic motivation for wanting to learn something.  Often grading negates the desire.  Students not working during this time will lose the privilege.  
    Some classwork will be completed online through Google classroom, while others will be traditional pencil and paper assignments.   The assignments listed in Parent Portal will have very generic titles as the evidence of learning may be different for each student, but will cover the same skill.  For example, if your child initially fails the assignment on the calendar for adding integers, he/she may be able to work with me and show mastery on a different assignment on the same topic.  In Parent Portal, the title may simply be "Adding Integers."  One student may show mastery on an online assignment, another on a worksheet, and another on a textbook page.  What assignment your child completes is not as important as what the assignment tells us.  I hope that makes sense. 
     All tests and some quizzes same for students within each class.  By the quiz/test date every student should have adequate time to be prepared.  There are no retests except where individual education plans or 504s exist.  We will continue to work on unmastered skills.
Last Modified on July 26, 2018