Orders are due by Thursday, May 2nd.  Parents can shop online with the access code, which is on the back of the catalog, or send in order forms/money after spring break.  Please don't forget to add sales tax to your orders.  Contact Miss Crosby if you have any questions, and thanks for your continued support!
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    Find more info. at www.square1art.com  
    Square 1 Art is a fundraising program designed to help raise funds for the Art Department here at Guyton Elementary School.  Instead of the fall, we are going to try it in the spring this year to see if we have more participation.  Students will creatively concentrate on a specific artwork, and I will send their finished masterpieces over to Square 1 Art.  The company will scan their artwork into their system, send back the original work with FREE stickers of their artwork, and give you the option to buy a variety of really neat products featuring your child's artwork.  Because these products will be ready just in time for Christmas, these would make great gifts for the holiday season!  You could mark items off your shopping list, while at the same time, helping our school.  We appreciate your participation in this school fundraiser and send you guys a BIG thank you!
     Order forms will go home in the spring each school year.  If you miss the order deadline, you can order directly through the company.