• Welcome to South Effingham High School!

    Listed below are some suggestions to help you have a successful freshman year:

    1) Get involved in school.

    a) Join a club. (Several clubs meet during school hours.)

    b) Take an exciting class that may include outside of school activities such as, band, ROTC and chorus.

    c) Challenge yourself with social awareness. SEHS has community service built into several clubs.

    2) Maintain healthy habits.

    a) Make studying a daily activity.

    b) Ask for help when needed.

    c) Get lots of sleep.

    d) Stay active physically.

    e) Eat healthy foods.

    3) Make a plan of action.

    a) Set a scheduled time and place to study at home.

    b) Have your homework on time.

    c) Know your teacher's tutoring schedule, and take advantage of it if needed.

    4) Take pride in South Effingham High School!

Last Modified on July 21, 2021