•  Unit 1 ~ Weather and Properities of water

    In this unit, the students learn about the properities of water and how water can change into a solid, liquid, or gas. We will continue to learn about the different types of weather and how it is studied to create weather patterns. 

    Weather Webquest~Weather Review Webquest


    Unit 2~ The Ecosystem

    Ecosystem Review Webquest~ Ecosystem Webquest

    Food Web and Food Chain Webquest~Food Web and Food Chain Webquest


     Unit 3 ~ Solar System

    Season Webquest~Seasons Webquest


    Moon Phases Webquest~Moon Phases Webquest


    Unit 4 ~ Sound and Simple Machines 

    Webquest Sound and Light Webquest


    Webquest~Simple Machines


    Simple Machines Notes and Powerpoint~ Students currently have the notes for the powerpoint. Therefore, use the attached powerpoint to help fill in the blanks.

    Simple Machines Powerpoint



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