• For Parents:

    SEMS Tiers of Intervention

    Response to intervention matches general education classroom instruction to each student’s learning needs. Teachers, counselors, and the interventionist at SEMS work together to identify the areas (academically and/or behaviorally) that a student needs assistance. These instructional and behavioral techniques are called interventions and they are progress monitored. That means that parents and/or guardians will receive information about the student’s progress from the school. In Georgia, there is a 4 tier instructional support model. All students are in Tier 1 and receive good teaching practices. Examples of Tier 1 are also tutoring and/or math and reading connections classes. Tier 2 is when teachers/parents recommend students for extra support that is directly targeted to a student’s weaker areas. Examples of Tier 2 are IPASS, Read 180, System 44, Comprehension Upgrade, Reading Center, Counselor check in times, social groups, meetings with behavior specialists, etc. Tier 3 is the Student Support Team level where additional screening and evaluations may occur. Tier 4 is individually designed learning for students. Please see the attachments for more information about what you can do as a parent at each tier  as well as what your student does at each tier. Thank you!

    Parent Pyramid of Intervention                  Student Pyramid of Intervention

Last Modified on February 12, 2018