• Advanced Placement Art
    Here at ECHS students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement Art.  Students can either take AP art in Drawing or 2D design.  In order to be considered for this course, students must have completed at least two art classes and have an extreme love for art.  Students must be self motivated and willing to devote time in and out of class in order to be successful.  This is the third year that AP art has been taught.  Unlike other AP classes, AP art does not require students to take a test, but they must submit a portfolio of their work.  The portfolio consists of three parts:  Breadth, Concentration and Quality.  The Breadth section consists of 12 images that show a wide range of approaches.  For the concentration section students submit 12 images that are related in style, concept or technique.  Finally, the Quality section consists of 5 of the students best artworks.  Below are some examples of students work from previous years in the AP course.

Last Modified on July 28, 2017