• Dear ________________________,



    I have received your return response to meet with the Medicaid Outreach Specialist worker at Effingham County High School. No appointment is necessary. Each meeting will take approximately 30 minutes.


    DATE:         January 13, 2010


    TIME:          9:00 AM until 11:00 AM


    LOCATION:  9TH Grade Academy Conference Room 



    You MUST bring the following documents with you to apply:


    -Citizenship--birth certificate, passport, etc.

    -Identity if child is 16 yrs of age or older--driver's license, school identification, Georgia identification

    -Income verification--most recent 4 weeks consecutive pay stubs if paid weekly and most recent 2 consecutive pay stubs if paid biweekly, 2 pay stubs if paid twice a month, 2 pay stubs if paid monthly



    Feel free to call me with any questions or concerns. My phone number is 754-6404 ext. 1263.


    Thank you,



    Jackie M. Brown,

    School Social Worker
Last Modified on February 5, 2010