• 4th Grade Social Studies:  is the 1st 4 and 1/2 weeks of each 9wks.

     1st Nine Weeks:  

    French and Indian War

    Declaration of Independance Webquest:Webquest


    2nd 9 weeks:

    New Nation and Government

    Students will learn about the Constitution and the National, State, and Local Governemt and each branch within each level.


    Constitution WebQuest ~Constitution Webquest


    3 Branches of government WebQuest~Branches of Government


    3rd Nine Weeks:

    Westward Expansion of the United States

     This unit in social studies is all about the Expansion of our County. We will learn about the War of 1812, the impact of westward expansion on our county, and the new technologies during the time. 


    Webquest:War of 1812


    Louisiana Purchase Webquest~Louisiana Purchase Webquest


    Trail of Tears ~Webquest




    Social Studies Unit 4 is on Civil War

     4th nine weeks topics:Civil War

    We will be talking how the United State split into two different sections because of slavery in the South and the Southern states wanting "state rights." We will talk about the causes, issues, consequences and battles of the Civil War. We will also discuss how the North and South were affected after the war. 

    Below are Links to help your Child review the material we are learning in class. 



    Civil War Webquest~

    Robert E. Lee Webquest 


    Ulysses S. Grant


    Harriett B. Stowe






    Below is the current Social Studies Standards for 4th grade. This link will help you understand the different standards and skills the students will be learning during the year.


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