•                                   Teacher Drop Box Instructions

    Below are media instructions which will help you put your assignments and/or projects in a Teacher’s Drop Box.

    Drop Box Assignments/Documents

    Follow these directions to correctly put an assignment/document in your teacher’s Drop Box.


    1. Save your assignment/document by following these steps:

    a. File

    b. Save As

    c. In the drop down choose “H:Drive” (it is the drive that

    lists your username)

    d. Save as your assignment name

    e. Close out

    2. Go to “Start”

    3. Then to “My Computer”

    4. Click on your “H:Drive”

    5. Click on your assignment/document

    6. On the left click “Copy this file”

    7. In the “Copy Items Box” click “Student work on sehs-dc


    8. Find the “Drop Box” folder and click

    9. Find your teacher’s folder and click

    10. Find your block and then hit “Copy”

Last Modified on May 1, 2013