•   J'miah Nabawi 
    Author Visit
    November 15, 2011

    In conjunction with the Live Oak Public Library Fall 2011 Children's Book Festival, the SEHS Media Center invited guest author, J'miah Nabawi, to SEHS and to share his musical and multi-language storytelling adventures with Language Arts, Pre-K class and special needs classes.  J'maih has been a guest speaker and storyteller for the Children's Book Festival for several years.  Using a variety of native Jamaican and African musical instruments with a group of student participants on stage, J'miah demonstrated to students the sounds and rhythms of native peoples' musical folklore experiences.  

    Overall, the event was lively and entertaining. Students, from Pre-K to high school seniors, joined in a rousing dance and musical play along with a very spirited J'maih!  The audience learned about native customs of the peoples of Africa and the West Indies and enjoyed the medley of instruments and dancers!!!

    From his LinkedIn page, we learned that J'miah is an esteemed recipient of the "ORACLE Award: Outstanding Service and Leadership in the Southeast Region," by the National Storytelling Network (NSN), Jonesboro, TN.  J'miah is also a tireless advocate for the Arts-and-Professional-Artists-in-the-Schools programming as empowering agents for academic success and social well-being.
    If you would like to have J'miah Nabawi visit your school or purchase some of his books you can contact him at :
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