• Being a teen is tough and even tougher if you are also a parent.  Effingham County High School is concerned about our students who are struggling with the trials of pregnancy or parenting while working towards their high school graduation.  We want them to succeed- in school and life.  Because of these reasons PASS was created.  PASS stands for:

    Parents  As  Students  Succeeding




    Statistics prove that the children of parents who complete high school will have better success in school themselves.  Children born to people who do not finish high school are more likely to be retained at least one year for every year their parent did not complete school.  Income levels greatly decrease for people who do not have a high school diploma.  This makes it tough to provide for families and even tougher to keep families together.  Because of these reasons PASS offers…

    Teen Educational Support   ì¨

    Ø     Postpartum homebound instruction

    Ø     After school tutorial support

    Ø     Assistance in locating good & affordable childcare


    Parenting Support & Instruction    Y

    Ø     Support group time with other teen parents

    Ø     “how-to” sessions on dressing, feeding, doctoring, etc.

    Ø     Parenting survival sessions: discipline, anger management, budgeting, child-proofing the home, etc.

    Ø     Ages & Stages of Child Development instruction

    Ø     Parent And Child Together Time


    Early Childhood Education  & ¯

    Ø     Ways to bond with your baby

    Ø     Building your baby’s brain

    Ø     Early literacy, nursery rhymes, games for learning, etc.


    Community Resource Support & Referral   É

    Information about and assistance with community resources for childcare, health issues, food & clothing, post-high school education, etc.

Last Modified on February 12, 2020