• Homework
    Each day our reading students will take home a reading log and 3 books.  Students should read these books to an adult.  The books will have been read at school at least three times before they are sent home.  Sit next to your child and follow along as you listen to your child read, and ensure that no words are substituted (even those with a similar meaning).  It is important that students attend to print.  Once the books have been read, sign the book log, and read any comments that may be written on the log.  Your questions or comments may also be written on the log.  Return the books and reading log each day.
    Students will also bring home a cut-up story in an envelope.  This is the same story that the child wrote in his journal that day.  Students should assemble the sentence without looking at what is written on the envelope and read the sentence back to you.  You may keep the sentence for further practice, have your child glue the assembled sentence to a piece of paper, or discard it.  You do not need to send the sentence back to school.
Last Modified on May 25, 2021