• Preparing to Play College Athletics
    All students who want to play NCAA Division I or Division II College sports must register and be cleared through the NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility. Click here to begin the process:  
    Handbook for College Bound Student Athlete interested in playing NCAA Division I or II sports:
    Important Note: No Credit Recovery/EEP (Novanet) or Ombudsman classes count toward the core requirements of NCAA Clearinghouse for eligibility purposes. 
    Students who want to play for a college who offers NAIA sports should begin the process by registering with NAIA and perusing their handbook:    
    If registering with NCAA or NAIA, you will need to have your ACT or SAT scores sent directly from the testing agency. 
    NCAA code for ACT or SAT – 9999
    NAIA code for ACT or SAT - 9876
Last Modified on July 28, 2021