Frequently Asked Questions
    I have provided the following information for you to reference when needed. Of course, if you have any further questions, please e-mail me!  
    May I send in birthday invitations?
    You may send in birthday invitations as long as you send one for every child in the classroom. There are 26 children in our classroom this year.
    May I send in cupcakes/cookies for my child's birthday? 
    Yes, you may send in cupcakes/cookies. They will be passed out at lunch time. You are welcome to come in during our lunch time on that day  to pass them out. 
    When is Ice Cream Day and how much is it?
    Ice Cream Day is on Wednesdays and cost $1. I do not keep money in advance for ice cream. Your child will need to bring in their $1 the  day of, unless they have paid for the entire year. 
    What is PBIS? 
    PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. The children know it as "Positive Behavior". It is a research-based framework for teaching and supporting positive behaviors for ALL students. The three expectations that we have been teaching this year are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe  
    What are PBIS acknowledgements?
    PBIS acknowledgements occur monthly and are used to reward students who have displayed positive behavior. Each month there is a different acknowledgement. Students are allowed to participate if they have an 85% or higher average in ClassDojo, or have not had an office referral. Every month is a new opportunity for children to earn participation in the the PBIS acknowledgement! I will announce on my newsletter what they are and when they occur. 
    What happens if my child forgets their homework or doesn't do it?
    A negative Dojo will be given for missing or incomplete homework. It is very important that your child take responsibilty for their homework being put back in their S.T.A.R. binder at night and ready to come to school the next day. 
    Can I bring my other children to parties and field trips?
    Since the focus of the parties and field trips is for the students to enjoy their time at school with their classmates and teacher, it is best that siblings do not attend these activities.
    When do we have class parties?
    We have two parties for the year: Christmas and Easter. Though we do not have a Halloween or Valentine's Day party, a goody bag will be sent home for these occasions. 
    Can I come to the parties?
    Yes, you may come to the parties. However, all parents attending parties must complete the online Mandated Reporter Module, and turn in confirmation of completion to our front office. For more information please visit our school website. 
    How can I be aware of what my child is being taught this year?
    You can visit the following website to view the Georgia standards for third grade: