Speech-Language Tips for Parents!

    1. Articulation:
    Emphasize correct productions of error sounds when reading, or during conversation. Use pictures to make learning more enjoyable.

    2. Language:
    Communicate at the child's level of understanding. Use simpler words, and  fewer instructions at a time. Include certain words in conversation, which are related to the interests and experiences of your child. These tips should help to increase vocabulary skills.
    3. Fluency:
    Do not call attention to the stuttering or  try to speak for them. However, you may acknowledge its existence (ex. "That was a tough word to say, wasn't it?"). Be calm and focused as you listen.
    4. Voice:
    If your child's voice is hoarse or harsh, shorten the speaking time. Remind the child to limit or refrain from speaking loudly or making motor/animal noises.
    Working with your child can be an enjoyable "team" experience during conversation, when your child is reading, or when you read to him or her!


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Last Modified on January 7, 2020