Please see google classroom for all notes, additional materials for studying and classroom assignments.
    If you have not joined google classroom, please let me know and I will provide you with the link.
    January 11-15:
    Monday - Warm Up #3.   I Can... Statements. Students will turn in vocabulary project assigned last week.  Students will take notes on measuring changes in GDP to determine economic growth.
    Tuesday - Warm Up #4.  Students will take notes on calculating GDP and identifying the components of the expenditures approach to GDP.  Students will practice calculating GDP and teacher will review process with students.  Students will complete GDP assignment to submit for a grade. Google Slides Presentation of notes will be posted to google classroom for students to use if they were not present for note taking.
    Wednesday -  Warm Up #5.  Whole class review of GDP assignment.  Introduction to Economic Goal #2 - Limiting Inflation.
    Thursday - Students will participate in Kahoot review game to prepare for tomorrow's vocabulary test.
    Friday - Vocabulary Test.  Students will work on Econ Lowdown assignments after the test.
    January 5-8:
    Tuesday - Individual discussion of 1st semester grades, Signing up for Econ Lowdown, Into to Macroeconomics, Macroeconomics vocabulary project assignment
    Wednesday - Warm Up #1, I Can... Statements, Business Cycle and 3 Broad Economic Goals Notes
    Thursday - Warm Up #2, Business Cycle Quiz, work on vocabulary project
    Friday - Warm Up #3, I Can... Statements, Economic Growth notes
    December 14-18:  End of Semester make up work
    Monday-Wednesday - students will be provided with a missing assignment list.  Students will complete the missing assignments and turn them in by end of class on Wednesday.
    Thursday - Whole class review of CIA #2
    Friday: Commit to the E incentive Day
    December 7 -11:  Microeconomics Review for CIA #2
    Monday - Thursday - various review activities (finishing standards review, finishing USA TestPrep activities) Kahoot Review, Microeconomics Jeopardy Game)
    Friday, Dec 11 - CIA #2
    November 30-December 4:  Microeconomics Review
    Monday - Students worked on Microeconomics Standards Review in class.
    Tuesday - Students will continue working on Microeconomics Standards Review in preparation for section quizes and CIA #2.
    Wednesday - Business Organizations and Market Structures quiz.
    Thursday - Teacher will answers questions from students regarding Microeconomics Standards Review.  
    Friday - Supply and Demand Quiz
    November 16-20 Supply and Demand
    Monday - Students completed the shifters of supply activity (please see google classroom for this assignment as I cannot post it due to copyright issues).
    Tuesday - Notes on putting supply and demand together to determine equilibrium price and quantity as well as government price controls and their influence on supply and demand
    Wednesday - Students completed vocabulary quiz.
    Thursday - Students practiced shifting supplyand demand curves on the same graph.
    Friday - Students completed shifters of supply and shifters of demand assignment.
    November 2-6 - Supply and Demand
    Monday -   Students completed Supply and Demand Vocabulary Activity.  This activity is posted in google classroom.   Students will have a test over these words on Wednesday, Nov 11.
    Tuesday - Students took notes on Demand and the Law of Demand.  These notes are posted in google classroom.
    Wednesday - Students completed review sheet on Demand and Law of Demand using the notes taken in class on Tuesday.
    Thursday - Students took notes on the shifters of demand.
    Friday - students completed shifters of demand practice activity.
    October 26-30 - Market Structures and Business Organizations
    Monday - Students completed Business Organizations graphic organizer using teacher notes from georgiastandards.org (posted on google classroom). 
    Tuesday - Teacher and students reviewed the graphic organizer completed on Monday and discussed the characteristics of sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.  Teacher introduced students to in-class project that will begin on Wednesday.
    Wednesday - Friday  Students are using information learned in this unit to complete a Market Structure and Business Organization One Pager.  This assignment is the summative assessment (test) for this unit.  The assignment must be turned in by the end of the period on Friday.  The assignment will not be accepted late as students have been given ample time to complete it in class with me here to coach them.  Attached is the assignment and the rubric.
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