Distance Learning Activities for April 20-24:
    Monday-Thursday:  Activity 1 will count as 1 grade, and activities 2 & 3 together will count as 1 grade.
    Distance Learning Activities for April 13-17:
    Monday - View International Trade PowerPoint - send me questions if you have any. International Trade PowerPoint
    Tuesday - Use PowerPoint and teacher notes from georgiastandards.org to complete Trade Barriers Graphic Organizer. Trade Barriers Activity
    Wednesday -Use PowerPoint and teacher notes from georgiastandards.org to complete Trade Organizations Activity.
    Thursday - Currency Exchange Activity Currency Exchange Activity
    Friday - Missing Assignment Make Ups - Please do any assignments that have not been completed since we began distance learning.  This includes the USA TestPrep Assignments.
    Economics Milestone Study Guide
    The attached study guide provided by the State of Georgia will help you prepare for the milestone that will be given in May.  Please remember that every senior must take the milestone.  Please use this study guide, as well as the materials we are looking at in class, to prepare for this exam, which counts as 20% of your final grade in economics.

    GMAS Study Guide       Milestone Review PowerPoint

    All Econ Lowdown activities must be completed by Friday, March 13.
    Unit 5 - Economic Goals and Measurements
    After reviewing Microeconomics Concepts for a couple of days, we will begin with economic goals and measurements.  ECONOMICS MEASUREMENTS TEST IS WEDNESDAY, FEB 5.
    Unit 5 Vocab Review Sheet  - complete and turn in (use your textbook and other resources). (01/06/2020)
    3 Broad Economic Goals - use tearcher notes at georgiastandards.org (pages 56-57) to complete this graphic organizer and turn it in. (01/07/2020)
    GDP Notes - use these to complete packet from this week (01/09-10/2020).  Remember that you will be completing a packet of questions and calculations on Monday for a grade.
    Inflation - notes on calculating, effects of, and causes of inflation.
    You will have a vocabulary test on the economic measurements terms on Friday, 01/17/2020.
     Unit 4 - Market Structures and Business Organizations
    Group Work - complete graphic organizer and then create poster for selected market structure.
    Quiz on Market Structures and Business Organizations on Thursday, Dec 12.
    CIA2 - Wednesday, December 18. 
    Unit 3 - Microeconomics:  This unit will focus on Economic Systems, Circular Flow Model and Supply and Demand.
    Supply and Demand:  Test will be Friday, November 15.  
    The assessment for for Economic Systems will be a project.  Students will chose ONE of the attached projects to complete by Wednesday, October 23.
    Common Interim Assessment - Wednesday, October 9.
    Unit 2 - Fundamentals of Economics
    Unit 2 Exam Wednesday, Oct 2.  Study guide is due Tuesday.  Here is a copy in case you lost yours.  Fundamentals Study Guide.  Remember to use your class notes and the teacher notes at georgiastandards.org to complete your study guide. Here are the production possibilities notes from class.  PPC Notes  
    Here are the answers to the study guide:  study guide answers
    There will be an open tutoring/test prep session Wednesday morning beginning at 7:30 please come join me.
    Students received Unit 2 vocabulary packet today (9-11).  These are due next Thursday (9-19). Unit 2 Vocabulary Packet.  Students will have a vocabulary test over these terms on Wednesday (9-25). (open tutoring/review session Wednesday morning 7:30-8:00)
    We will be exploring the fundamental concepts of economics in this unit.  There will be a vocabulary test, daily assignments, quizes, USA TestPrep assignments, and a unit exam.  
     Unit 1 Personal Finance
    Vocabulary Activity Packet (Due Monday 8/19) Vocab Review Packet
    Vocab Test is scheduled for Friday 8/23.
    Budget Blast Project must be turned in by Wednesday, September 4.  Any projects submitted after that date will receive a deduction in points for each day it is late.  I am in the process of grading the projects and will input the grades as soon as I am finished - Please be mindful that this project took weeks for the students to complete and I am giving them the due attention they deserve.
    Personal Finance Test-1 is Wednesday, Sept. 11 due to Dorian.  Study guide was distributed Friday, August 30.