• Hello!

    Thanks for stopping by to meet me. My name is Ms. Karatassos. Many students call me Ms. K. I am truly THRILLED to  be a part of such an incredible school!!
    My main goal is for you to feel proud of yourself and enjoy your time in Art.  I want you to feel successful and at ease. As long as everyone does their part, things will be fantastic in the Art Studio!

    Thank you for stopping by!
    Ms. Karatassos

    Five Fun Facts:
    1. My MOST favorite thing in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD EVER is snuggling with my sweet baby boy, Leonidas! He was born in September, 2016.
    2. My 3 favorite things to eat are my Mama’s spanakopitas, steamers, and snails!! Mmmmmm sea snails :)
    3. I love ALL kinds of art (also called mediums of art). I cannot name a favorite medium, but I absolutely love: fiber arts, gardening (yup, it's art!), jewelry design, serigraphy (screen printing), and all kinds of sculpture. If I had a darkroom I’d be doing film photography too! My favorite masterpice is of course Leonidas!
    4. I have a sweet puppy dog daughter named Melitzana, or Meli for short. Melitzana means eggplant in Greek. She looked just like a chubby round and purple eggplant the first time we saw her, and since she is as sweet as honey, we call her Meli for short, the Greek word for honey!
    5. My hobbies include gardening, Greek dancing, making art, being a Mama!!!!!, enjoying my husband's incredible cooking, learning about health and nutrition, daydreaming about sleeping again one day, smelling what The Rock is cooking, and doing anything you can do at the beach or in the marsh, especially crabbing!

Last Modified on August 2, 2020