• Art Set Purchasing Extended!

    Posted by Theone Karatassos on 8/26/2020

    Art Set Purchasing Extended!

    Don't forget to go on to your MySchoolBucks account and get your $3 art kit as soon as possible!

    They will be passed out during art class the full rotation after Labor Day.

    If you are having any issues please reach out by phone or email.

    There is a link below called $3.00 Art Set for more information.

    Thank you all!

    $3.00 Art Set

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  • 2020-2021 A New School Year!

    Posted by Theone Karatassos on 7/30/2020

    Welcome to a new school year in ART!

    Please check out our art news letter, Art supply flyer, and Open House Art video :)

    ART News Letter

    ART Supply Flyer

    ART Open House Video!

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  • New Specials 15 Day Challenge, #2

    Posted by Theone Karatassos on 4/1/2020

    Here is the next 15 day challenge for Art, Music, PE, and Technology!

    Specials Challenge, #2

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  • Chalk Time!

    Posted by Theone Karatassos on 3/30/2020

    You've GOT to check out artist Julian Beever's 3D chalk illusions!!! Go here to see some truly mind-bending work and then go out and create your own artwork!

    I've been inspired by his art and art I've seen from Kinley and Cohen Bragg! They sent me a pretty cool picture of their abstract art chalk creation using tape to separate their "paper" into sections and colored in each section with a different color!

    Keep on creating kids!!!!

    Here is the Julian Beever link again just in case :)


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  • At Home Learning - Creativity Cues

    Posted by Theone Karatassos on 3/23/2020

    Spirit Week!

    Let’s get a little silly this week and get our Creativity Cues from spirit week!

    Here’s some ideas:

    Monday - Jamming in our jammies!- become a fashion designer like famous French artist Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel who founded Coco Chanel in the early 1900’s.  Draw a picture of the coolest or craziest PJs you can design and post it on our MES Art FlipGrid! No need to film yourself- just your design and if you’d like to describe your creation please do! I am working on another means of sharing art so stay tuned!

    Tuesday - Superhero super day! - I bet you are familiar with Marvel- but are you familiar Alexandra Byrne? Well she is the English artist that designed many of the costumes for the Marvel movies, among others. Let’s go big today and create our very own superhero costume! Can pull a completely unique one together from clothing and items at home? If you can be sure to post it on our MES Art FlipGrid! Once again I am working on another means of sharing our art so I may end up editing this post later with a different application for us to share images through :)

    Wednesday - Wild n’ wacky WHOAs! - since were getting wild and wacky today, let’s compose a photograph of our WnW selves from an abstracted view. What is she talking about?! I’m so glad you asked. Get your wild and wacky on and then after you take a pic and email it Mrs. Dickerson, take another from an unusual angle or you can get abstract and crop in on a particular part of your attire and photograph that! As always be sure to post it on our MES Art FlipGrid! Once again I am working on another means of sharing our art so I may end up editing this post later with a different application for us to share images through :) Yes, I am just copying and pasting that last part for now :D

    Thursday - Books are the best! - become a famous illustrator, like Peter H. Reynolds, perhaps, and design a book cover about your current situation. Here are some quick thoughts. Maybe you could title it Cooped Up Creating and then draw lots of art and crafts materials, or perhaps Backyard Bonanzas and draw images of some of the backyard toys or games you and your family have been playing with. If you’d like to create a simple comic strip, that would be pretty cool too! I may end up taking inspiration from a favorite book and make an artwork inspired by its message. Hey, once again Peter H. Reynolds is a great inspiration for that situation! Please post your creation on our MES Art FlipGrid! Once again I am working on another means of sharing our art so I may end up editing this post later with a different application for us to share images through :) 

    Friday - Family!! - If you can take even 5 minutes to draw something with a family member then do it! Here is an idea- fold a piece of paper into fourths- (like skater dude dad does for his pop out artworks, some grades are familiar with that reference). Open your paper and write “head” very small to the side. The next section down, write “arms” very small to the side again. The next section down should be called “belly”, yes very small to the side, and then the last section should be called “legs”- small to the side. Fold the paper backup so that only one section shows at a time. You draw the head. Fold the head section back over the others so it cannot be seen and then pass the folded paper to another family member who will then draw what is listed on their section. Hopefully you folded it so that the arms came next. Have them fold that one down so the next person can draw the belly, and then so on it goes for the last section and person. They will finish it with the legs. When it's done open it and see what crazy creature y’all have created! You can finish it off by adding a background with details and coloring it. You can fold into thirds too depending on how many people are playing with you, just make sure to add arms and body together. Just a thought! I may simply go outside with my lovies and draw with sidewalk chalk :) Remember to share the experience or end result with us on the MES Art FlipGrid please! I want to see your art so bad!!

    Love and hugs, hugs, hugs, 

    Ms. K <3

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  • AT HOME LEARNING - Creativity Cues

    Posted by Theone Karatassos on 3/19/2020

    March is Youth Art Month so let's try to view this time at home as an opportunity to get creative and make as much art as possible!

    I'll be posting some “creativity cues” for you to explore during the month of March. Click here to use my flipgrid to share what you’ve been inspired to create and tell others what you think about artist, artwork, or project you explored. Here are some suggestions for those that’d like to dig deeper into art during this time. 

    Two quickies to get you started:

    1. Andy Goldsworthy (One of my favorites!)

    Get PARENT PERMISSION to do an image search of Andy Goldsworthy art on the computer or even your parent's phone or tablet. You can click HERE to skip that step and get a brief overview of Andy Goldsworthy and HERE to see some of his artworks. His art will definitely inspire you to look at the natural world in a whole new way! 

    Next, check out your environment. Imagine a simple leaf as a dab of paint or just a stick as a line to begin to create with, and let your creativity build an artwork out of the natural objects you find! Once you’ve created your nature inspired piece don’t forget to photograph it if you have the opportunity- just like Andy Goldsworthy! Take it a step further and sketch your design on a piece of paper.


    2. Deep Space Sparkle Projects!

    With PARENT PERMISSION check out THIS LINK for a selection of projects that require sometimes basic, sometimes a little more fancy, art supplies. Materials can be substituted; for example you can use a black crayon rather than an oil pastel if you do not have any pastels at home, and you don’t have to paint to add color. You can simply use crayons or if you have markers and a brush, you can use those and add water after you color to make your art more painterly! Experiment and have fun with it!

    Check back later for some new creativity cues to inspire and SHARE!!

    Also don't forget the Specials' 15 Day Challenge located HERE. :)

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