• Frequently Asked Quesions Frequently Asked Questions

    1. May I send in birthday invitations? You may send in birthday invitations as long as you send one in for every child in the classroom. 
    2. May I send in cupcakes/cookies for my child's birthday?
    Yes, you may send in cupcakes/cookies! However, we would appreciate knowing this information in advance so that is does not interfere with other planned activities. Also, they are to be passed out during lunchtime.
    3. What is the tardy policy?
    Your child will receive a zero in the first class that is taught for the day after three tardies. This also applies for early leaves. They will receive a zero in the last class taught after leaving early three times. This does not apply to excused tardies and early leaves.
    4. My child forgot their homework.
    If your child forgets their homework, they will be required to complete it during recess regardless of the reason. Homework is written down daily in the homework journal and/or posted in Google Classroom.
    5. What is the attendance policy?
    Please see the 2020-2021 Student Handbook for information regarding the attendance policy. 
    6. Why should my child wear tennis shoes on P.E. day?
    The students will be playing and running and they can not perform to the best of their ability in other types of shoes. Students may be seated during P.E. if appropriate shoes are not worn. Please do not bring extra shoes to change into during the day, simply wear your tennis shoes on P.E. days. 
    7. Can I bring my other children to parties?
    Since the focus of parties is for the students to enjoy their time at school with their classmates and teacher, siblings are not allowed to attend these activities per BOE.
    8. How can I be aware of the skills my child is working on week by week?
    Everything is on the weekly newsletter or communication through the REMIND app. You are also welcome to email me at any time. Emails will typically be reviewed and answered within a 24 hour period. 
Last Modified on July 25, 2020