Culinary Arts Program
    The mission of Effingham College and Career Academy Culinary Arts is to prepare students for post-secondary studies, careers and apprenticeships by offering hands on experiences and the development of life skills for a foundation in professional cooking. 
    Provide students the opportunity to explore their creative side through Culinary Arts.
    Provide students with information needed to explore the diverse career opportunities in the food service industry
    Provide students with hands on experience in a real work culinary environment. 
    Provide students with the opportunity to learn the essential skills of professional cooking which include food safety, food preparation, knife skills, dining room service, menu development, restaurant accounting and teamwork in the kitchen.
    Provide students with a culinary foundation that prepares them for post-secondary training or a career. 
    Provide opportunities for students to display their knowledge through various competitions.
    Provide knowledge of how professionalism should be exhibits in the culinary industry. 
    Provide students with genuine life skills, or those that will help the students in life after high school as productive, prosperous citizens.
    Pathway Description
    Introduction to Culinary Arts is a course designed to introduce students to fundamental
    food preparation terms, concepts, and methods in Culinary Arts where laboratory practice will parallel class work. Fundamental techniques, skills, and terminology are covered and mastered with an emphasis on basic kitchen and dining room safety, sanitation, equipment maintenance and operation procedures. Course also provides an overview of the professionalism in the culinary industry and career opportunities leading into a career pathway to Culinary Arts.
    Georgia Performance Standards (GPS)
    Below you will find links to Georgia DoE's Performance Standards for each course. Assignments in this class will work to achieve these goals so that team members receive a well-rounded understanding of their chosen career pathway.
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