• Career File

    Here are the career pathways available in Government & Public Safety:
    • Homeland Security and Emergency Services
    • Law and Justice
    • Air Force - JROTC
    • Army - JROTC
    • Marines - JROTC
    • Navy - JROTC
    The sample occupations in this table meet at least two out of three Georgia Department of Education definitions for high-demand, high-wage, high-skill jobs.
    Occupation Specialties
    Level of Education Needed
    Average Salary Annual Avg Openings in GA
    Emergency management specialist
    Work experience in a related occupation
    Immigration & customs inspectors
    Work experience in a related occupation
    Health educator Master's degree $53,290


    Police & sheriff's patrol officer Long-term on-the-job training $35,402


Last Modified on March 30, 2010