• Industry Certification
    Industry certification is a mark of excellence for CTAE Career Concentrations. The groups shown below work together to create the requirements for industry certification.
    Industry Certification
    These groups review courses and programs on a regular basis to make sure they meet the highest standards. 
    What Does Industry Certification Mean For You?
    When you take industry-certified courses, you learn using the latest equipment and technology. That means you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to be ready to work in the high-demand, high-wage, high-skill jobs available in Georgia. And that means you’ll have greater career opportunities.
    Effingham College & Career Academy is PROUD to be Industry Certified in the following Programs:
    • Graphics & Design (PrintED)
    • Transportation (NATEF)
    • Architectural Drawing and Design (ADDA)
    Team Member Spotlight
    Kevin Strickland
    SEHS ConstructionConstruction Student
    "Being a member of an industry certified program makes a big difference for me. Participating in an industry certified program means that I am receiving top notch training. Not only do I receive this top notch training but I also get nationally recognized credentials for each part of the program that I successfully complete."