• Why Take CTAE Courses?
    CTAE courses will get you on the fast track to your future. Whatever your plans may be after high school, CTAE courses and career pathways will give you a head start in many technical and professional careers. When you include these courses as part of your regular high school schedule you will:
    • Attend project-based classes that give you hands-on experience in your chosen field
    • Learn whether you like doing the work in your chosen field
    • Discover any gaps you might need to fill in your course work to meet job skill or graduation requirements
    • Challenge yourself and gain skills that you can use wherever life takes you
    • See how to take what you are learning and apply it in the working world
    As you complete the steps in working toward your goals, you will find that you are no longer wondering what you will do after graduation. You will know what you want to do and where you are going, and you’ll have a plan that will take you there.
    This website is your introduction to CTAE Career Concentrations and Pathways and to the Peach State Pathways: Education and Career Planning Tool. It includes a short, personal career survey for each Career Concentration, helpful resources, and tools to help you and your family as you make important decisions about your future. Are you ready to start planning for your future success? Read on to learn more about your Education and Career Planning Tool.
    Team Member Spotlight
    Felecia Johnson
    SEHS Small Business Development
    Construction Student
    "The Small Business Development Pathway has helped me figure out how to succeed in the real world. I have learned so many important aspects of business that will allow me to succeed in college and my future career. I have learned how to manage money as well as how to conduct business properly.
    I have also learned the right and wrong things to do and say when visiting a foreign country whether I’m conducting business or not. The business courses have brought me quite a long way and I can say that I’m more prepared to step out into the world."
Last Modified on July 7, 2010