• Gifted Grading Policy
    The elementary gifted resource program is an academic program.  The curriculum both extends and enriches the standards of the general education curriculum.  GT students will a grade in the gifted class as well as their other academic classes.  You will be able to access this on the parent portal and it will be reported on their nine weeks report card.  A satisfactory is an 80 or higher in the gifted class.  Unsatisfactory is below an 80.  A student that earns below an 80 in the GT class at the end of the nine weeks will be placed on probation. 
    Students must also maintain an 80 overall average for their academic classes to continue in the gifted program. 
    Grades will be reflective of the students work in the gifted classroom, and are designed to help motivate students to take seriously the work of the gifted program. 
    Grade will be assessed on classwork, major projects; such as, invention convention, media festival, & nine week contracts, etc..  Participation in class discussions, group work, & completion of assignments will also be considered. 
Last Modified on August 9, 2018