•  Questions and Answers students
    What time is lunch and may I eat with my child?
    Yes, you may eat lunch with your child.  Please arrive at 11:25 A.M. to be present for our 11:30 A.M. lunch time.
    What should I do if my child needs to go home a different way?
    If you need to change the way of transportation for your child, please send a note or call the office directly before 1:30 P.M. 
    May I send in birthday invitations?
    You may send in birthday invitations as long as you send one in for every child in the classroom.
    When do we have class parties?
    We have two parties each year at Christmas and Easter.  The parties will begin at 1:00 pm and parents are more than welcome to attend.
    How many field trips will my child go on?
    4th grade will go on one field trip. Information will come home with your child in their communication folder.
    What is the best way to reach you?
    Please feel free to contact me through email during the day at tmiles@effingham.k12.ga.us. I will try my best to check it each morning and each afternoon. If you would like to have a phone conference, please leave a message with the front office including a phone number and a time that I can reach you. If you have questions that require an in-person conference, please email or call me to set up a time to meet.