• End Of Year Testing Tips and Help


    You can do it!


    You can do it !!

    Testing days will be announced later in the year.  Generally, end of year testing occurs in May.  On our testing days, we will begin starting at 8:00 am each day.  Please be on time!!

    Please make sure your child:
         *Gets plenty of sleep each night
         *Eats a good breakfast each morning (be here by 7:30 each day if you are going to eat breakfast at school)
         *Brings #2 pencils and erasers each day
         *Feels good about themselves each day . . . we know they can do it . . . just encourage them each and every day to try their best!
    Test Tips:
         *LISTEN very carefully at all times . . . I can only read each question twice
         *do not leave any answer blank
         *eliminate your choices and try your best
         *testing is long . . . must encourage them to be patient and not give up
    How you can practice at home:
         *review papers sent home  
         *review skills noted on homework sheets 
         *practice having your child read passages on their own & completing comprehension questions/discussing the books with them 
         *website information is . . . https://www.georgiaoas.org/
    Most important tips you can give:
         *reinforce and encourage them each and every day
         *praise all their efforts, hard work, and attempts each day
         *let them know how proud you are of them each day in all that they do   


Last Modified on August 6, 2021