• Mrs. Audrey Gilmer, your RR teacher:
    Look below! That's me feeding a tiger cub on the left and dancing with a dolphin on the right!  I love animals!
                          Feeding Tigers                     dolphin
    Hello! I am Mrs. Gilmer and I am thrilled to be your RR teacher at South Effingham Elementary for the upcoming year.  I know that this year will be so exciting as your child learns to become a better reader and writer!
    Your child will learn to become a better reader through activities that enhance your understanding of vocabulary acquisition and comprehension strategies. I will build your child's self confidence to become a true CHAMPION and truly know the power of the word "YET".      Video: The Power of "YET"
    I really am blessed to have found a profession where I love coming to work everyday.  The students that I work with are the best part of my day. Their accomplishments and growth throughout the year are the highlights of my job.
      Scott and i     A little more about me...
    I graduated from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. I grew up in the Midwest (Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois) and lived in several places after high school (NC,MS,TN). However, when I found love in a Savannah-born, southern gentleman, I knew that the south would be my forever home. My husband, Scott, is from Effingham county and since I never did like that cold winter weather in the north we settled here in south Georgia. The GA Bulldog college football colors even worked right in with my red and black Wisconsin Badgers wardrobe! I have been to several games at Sanford Stadium and now cheer "Go Dawgs! SIC 'EM!" just as loudly as I cheer "On Wisconsin!".
                          Go BADGERS! bucky Go DAWGS!  bulldog
                                                Archer and I                          aidan and i      
    I have the great pleasure of being a mother to my two, wonderful sons. My fifteen year old son, Aidan, is starting tenth grade this year. He loves summer vacation, but he's ready for this new adventure called DRIVING. (He's probably more ready than his mom to tell the truth.)
    My seven year old son, Archer, is the source for many laughs and silly times in our household. He is a ball of positive energy that definitely keeps Scott and I on our toes. He is starting 1st grade this fall and I am so excited to have him around the corner from me! 
    I know I am a better teacher because of my boys. Being a mother and wife teaches me more than I could have ever imagined about love and I am so fortunate to have all them in my life. 
     my chocolate
    My hobbies include playing video games, scrapbooking, and trading Disney pins. I went to Disney World in 2010 and have been a MEGA fan ever since! I love the positive atmosphere and energy in the Magic Kingdom. I have so much fun meeting new people and trading pins. Then, I get to come home and scrapbook the fun!
    At home, I also enjoy playing games with family. My favorites are Dominion, Sorry, and Codenames. I also love finding Pinterest recipes and making them for family and friends. We get to enjoy the sweet treats while we play!
    I don't get a lot of video gaming time throughout the school week, but it definitely helps me unwind on the weekend. It's also a cool conversation starter with my students. I can't tell you how many times my students have said to me, "Mrs. Gilmer, YOU play video games?!?"  Then, I proudly tell them that I have been playing video games for longer than they have been alive! [On second thought, maybe I shouldn't say that to them. It probably makes me sound REALLY old! LOL!!]     
    A special note to the parents of my students:
    I thank you for the time you let me spend enriching the life of your child. I know that I will help them on their educational journey and I am grateful to be a little light on the path of their future. Please remember that we are a team. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just a funny story that your child shared with you -  even after the school year is over. I welcome you to come visit and stay in touch. I call my students "my kids" because they truly do stay in my heart. I love to hear updates on all my past kiddos. This is going to be a great year!