• The GSBA Governance Team Recognition Program was developed by Georgia Superintendents and board members based on the state board of education's standards for effective governance to recognize exemplary leadership. In 1998, the Georgia School Boards Association was one of the first school board associations in the nation to develop a program of standards for local boards of education. The GSBA Board Recognition Program is a three-tiered program. The three recognition levels are Quality, Distinguished and Exemplary, with Exemplary being the highest level.
    2022 - Exemplary Board
    2021 - Exemplary Board
    2020 - Exemplary Board
    2019 - Distinguished Board  
    2018 - Quality Board
    2017 - GSBA re-developed the process (no award given)  
    2016 - Quality Board  
    2015 - Quality Board  
    2014 - Quality Board