• Effingham County Middle School (ECMS) Panthers exhibit PAWSitive Vibes!  These PAWSitive Vibes are related to the Positive Behavior expectations that are taught schoolwide and followed with fidelity. The school has a matrix that has been designed specifically for the unique needs of the designated areas of the hallway/breezeway, classroom, restrooms, media center, and cafeteria.  The pillars to PAWSitive vibes are Be Positive, Be Accountable, Make Wise Choices, and Be Safe.  Implementing the expectations, student and staff acknowledgment plans, corrective behavior plan, and collecting and reviewing data will be a continued focus with the ongoing effort to meet the academic and behavioral needs of our students at ECMS.


    Paw  Be Positive

    Paw   Be Accountable

    Paw   Be WisePaw  Be Safe

PAWSitive Vibes at ECMS


    • Effingham County School Panthers will exhibit PAWSITIVE VIBES by showing Cooperation, Pride, and Respect.  PAWSITIVE VIBES at ECMS is supported through a research-based framework for teaching and supporting positive behaviors to all students. 
    • This is a school-wide approach to discipline that focuses on building a safe and positive school climate in which all students can learn.
    • Students have the opportunity to receive numerous acknowledgements for PAWSITIVE VIBE behavior.
    • There will be many opportunities for ECMS students and staff to celebrate in PAWSITIVE VIBE style throughout the year.

    Behavior Matrix

    The Behavior Matrix is an outline of expected positive behaviors in the following settings of our school:

    • Hallway/Breezeway
    • Cafeteria
    • Restroom
    • Media Center


  • Cooperation Paw   Pride Paw  Respect

Last Modified on April 20, 2023