• The 411 on College
    If you want to continue your education at a two- or four-year college, it’s a good idea to do some thinking and planning now. The Georgia Student Finance Commission has created a tool you can use to make that planning process fairly easy. Visit GAcollege411 (www.gacollege411.org) to set up a free, secure, and private account. You can use your account to:
    • Learn about careers that match your interests and personality (Career Keys)
    • Keep a record of your high school grades, honors, test scores, and activities 
    • Compare your high school course work with the admissions requirements of Georgia’s colleges and universities
    • Apply to Georgia colleges
    • Submit financial aid applications
    Assistance for Families
    A special section on the Web site is designed for families.
    • Information provided here includes
    • Tips on saving for college
    • Advice on helping team members plan for the future
    • An overview of tax benefits affecting tuition payments
    Team members and families may also want to research scholarship and tuition financial aid sites on the Internet, such as www.fastweb.org. School counselors and teacher/advisors are also a good resource for this information.
Last Modified on April 14, 2010