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TOTY Spotlight: Allison Moore

 What Is Economics?

Let’s talk economics! Mrs. Moore is Effingham County High School’s economics teacher. This fun spirited woman loves her school, her students, and the interesting subject of economics. As she currently is in her sixteenth year of teaching, she has an interesting background as to why this all started.

Mrs. Moore is from Blackshear, Georgia, where she spent her childhood and teenage years in this area located in the Southeast region of Georgia. After leaving Blackshear, she went on to receive her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Georgia College and her Masters in Criminal Justice. Prior to starting her career of teaching, she worked in the insurance industry on the claims side for thirteen years.

This being her sixteenth year of teaching, Mrs. Moore has learned a lot through her time in the profession. Starting off at Ebenezer Middle School, she taught eighth graders while helping out with Model UN and Student Council for ten years. During her last week of her tenth year teaching, she was told she was being moved to the high school (ECHS). She previously wanted to move to there, but this move happened a little later than desired; this change was her answer to this aspiration.

“The door just opened perfectly; it was a God thing.”

Surprisingly, she has not always wanted to be a teacher. Growing up, she was extremely bashful and shy. As she took her first civics class in eighth grade, she fell in love with political science. From there, she wanted to go to law school and become a lawyer. After getting married, she and her husband lived in Atlanta and, at the time, she worked in an insurance adjuster’s office; a while later, Mrs. Moore was really feeling the calling in her life to become a teacher. After praying about it and looking into it, she went back to Armstrong to take a few education classes and get her certification. From there, “God just opened doors.” Now, she is teaching Economics - regular and AP.

“It wasn’t my first career, but I really feel it is my true calling.”

Mrs. Moore has a true love for learning, and she believes this is what inspired her to be a teacher. Ever since a young age, she has always loved learning and every aspect of it. She wants to help others and be able to encourage them to learn and to have the desire to learn more. 

“Learning is lifelong.”

If she had to pinpoint one highlight throughout her time in teaching, she would recall a time where a student found himself in some trouble one day at school; she pulled him aside and told him just because he made one bad choice doesn’t mean this should ruin the rest of his life. She showed him forgiveness and that this decision he made would not change her opinion of him. Towards the end of the year, Mrs. Moore purchased a yearbook and had her students sign it. He signed a note that stated, “Mrs. Moore, you might have moods sometimes, but you always treat everyone fairly and you don’t show any partiality.” This is something she wants all her students to know; she doesn’t love one more or less than another. She loves them all equally, and they all deserve respect. This honest and straightforward attitude perfectly describes her teaching style. She brings her honesty to the table as she teaches her students day in and day out.

Mrs. Moore would share with fellow teachers that you need to truly love what you do, realize that you and your students will have bad days sometimes, and just come into work giving it all you have every day. Do the best you can do and love and accept what your students give to you. Even if they or you don’t have a full 100% that day, just give it what you do have.

Her students have taught her to laugh, to enjoy the day, and that in the end they really do want to succeed. In turn, she has taught them (along with academics) to be honest and respectful. All the way through life, Mrs. Moore believes honesty is the best policy. It’s perfectly okay to admit you are wrong and move on. She believes if you respect others and respect yourself, you will be honest. She takes the “mama” approach on things in her classroom as she wants the best for all of her students. She aims to be honest with them, encourage them, and care about them. This interaction and relationship that is built up throughout the year is her favorite thing about the job. It is what she looks forward to most about coming into work every day.

Her willingness to learn/love of learning is one thing she considers one of her strengths. She applies this in her class by being an eager and active teacher for her students. She hopes to pass this trait on to them while she teaches. She’s always willing to go the extra mile to find out more knowledge to share with her students. Mrs. Moore advances her classes in learning by communicating knowledge to them. She wants them to continue to seek knowledge after they graduate and go on to do different things. As she tries to urge them to be “lifelong learners,” she wants to instill in them qualities of loving the aspect of learning and encourage them to continue seeking knowledge.

We give a big congratulations to Mrs. Moore for being the ECHS Teacher of the Year. We wish her the best of luck as she continues with her profession! 

Author and Photographer: Saralyn Helmly (Media Student Intern)