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TOTY Spotlight: Tracy Granzow

Ms. Tracy Granzow teaches 2nd-grade reading, language, writing, math, science, and social studies at Guyton Elementary School. Formerly teaching six years in Texas, Ms. Granzow has since moved to Georgia to be closer to her family. In addition to teaching at GES for four years, she taught at Springfield Elementary for seven years.

Before starting her career, she attended The University of Texas and graduated as the valedictorian of her class with BA degrees in Early Childhood Education and Sociology with a minor in English. Ms. Granzow hopes to later receive more schooling for another degree.

Spending so much time playing school when she was little, Ms. Granzow realized her love for teaching at a young age. As she strengthened this love, her great-grandmother was a provider of inspiration through that. She taught students in a one room school house and shared many of her teaching stories with Ms. Granzow.

Throughout teaching, she has also taught 3rd-grade, had a year of experience co-teaching with a SPED class, and has taught in a self-contained, multi-grade classroom. Even though these circumstances were challenging for Ms. Granzow, she learned a tremendous amount from her co-teacher and from the children.

Currently teaching an EIP class, she has found she enjoys the time spent with working in guided reading groups with her kids. Since the students are her main focus, she makes sure to really absorb things from them throughout small group settings, so she can truly learn each child and know what their needs are as individuals. She believes if you simply love the students you have, they will flourish. As they succeed, Ms. Granzow loves the look of pride they have in their eyes and the confidence it builds for them. This sense of pride, as well as an accomplishment for themselves and their peers, is what she hopes they obtain once the school year ends. She wants them to know they are a family, that learning can be fun, and that she is always there for them.

As she hopes to continue to provide her students with quality instruction and care, she wants them to remember she loves them and is proud of their efforts and accomplishments they have made throughout the year. Since they want structure and guidance, she tries to display these qualities in her teaching style. It is firm but fair; she is very open minded and enjoys different discussion environments throughout all subject areas – especially during guided reading. She considers English Language Arts (ELA) to be her strength, and Ms. Granzow uses this in her teaching through reading with the children, listening to their thoughts, and transforming their thoughts into words.

Ms. Granzow has learned patience from her students, and this is something she aims to show them they must have for others. How to understand and differentiate teaching to meet the needs of her learners is another thing she has acquired from her students. As the year goes on, she looks forward to coming into work every day to see their sweet smiles and hear their “hellos”.

As Teacher of the Year, Ms. Granzow hopes to share the knowledge she has and to possess an open mind for continual learning. We thank Ms. Granzow for teaching for seventeen years, and congratulate her on her achievement of 2016-2017 GES Teacher of the Year!

 Ms. Granzow loves to go to the beach, read a good magazine or book, and binge watch her favorite series on Netflix.

Author and Photographer: Saralyn Helmly (Media Student Intern)