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Student Learning Objectives
Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, the Georgia Department of Education required that many subjects and courses that are not assessed through the state testing program have pre and post assessments to measure student growth. The assessments are called Student Learning Objectives (SLOs). The SLOs initiative will mean that your child may participate in a pre-assessment of grade level content during August to establish a baseline score. Because this pre-assessment will occur before your child has been taught any grade level or course content, you will want to help your child understand: he/she is not expected to know everything on the test; it is OK not to be able to answer the questions correctly; the pre-assessment will not count as a grade; the results will allow your child’s teacher to plan instruction geared to your child’s needs. We understand that a pre-assessment so early in the year may be stressful for your child, but we are asking that you encourage your child to put forth his/her best effort.

At the end of the school year or course, your child will be tested again with the same test as a post-assessment to measure growth in learning. Help your child know that by the time of the post-assessment, he/she will have been taught all the information to enable him/her to respond correctly to the questions on the test.
Last Modified on August 26, 2015