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Dear Parents,
   Welcome back to another exciting year at Guyton Elementary School.  Coach DeRing and Coach Bashlor are as elated as you are to get the year rolling off to a great start.  As you and your child get ready for the school year, please keep these things in mind as they pertain to the physical education program:
      - Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes on their PE day for comfort and safety purposes.
      - Physical activity must be done regularly to achieve health benefits.  It is very important that your child participates on a daily basis.
      - If your child has an injury that prevents them from participating please call or send a note with your child.
      - Check the schedule links to see what day your child has PE.
   Experts recommend 60 minutes of physical activty a day.  Since your child does not have PE each day, we ask that you encourage them to be outside or doing some sort of activity while they are home.  With your help, we can all tackle the detrimental effects of inactivity.